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- P R O F I L E -
Name: Sephiroth
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Series: FFVII

- I N - H E L L -
Crime: Killer
Prisoner Number: 1780011
Room Number: 104-K

Items carried: Cultist Dagger, Predator Spear, Predator Netgun, Odd Key
Items left in room: Femur bone, helmet, two orange prison jumpsuits, a toothbrush, toothpaste, one plastic comb, a bar of soap, and one pen.

Current status: Really not so fine

- Large puncture wound to his left shoulder (wound goes clear through from one side to the other)
- Severe wound on his abdomen
- Bruised face and body
- Bite wound on tongue

- T I M E L I N E -
Taken during the battle with Cloud, in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, as Sephiroth impales Cloud on the end of Masamune and lifts him up. Sephiroth is taken just as he taunts Cloud to if the pain of Masamune was familiar to him.

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